Each piece of stone or marble is a product of nature. It is unique, with color and structure variations. 
None of the veins or pores should be considered defects; they are part of the natural beauty of the piece.
Please value and enjoy your table. It is the only one of its kind, and represents a unique part of Italian heritage, millions of years in the making.

Each table can be designed with the following marbles and stones:


Arabescato VagliA        Bianco MichelangeloA        Bianco StatuarioA        CaldiaA        Bianco CarraraA       
Marmo BiancolillaA   Beige CoralloA   Crema MarfilA   Rosa PortogalloA   Verde GiadaA    
Light ImperadorA   ImperadorA   Dark ImperatorA   Port LaurentA    Nero MarquiniaA    
Nero GuineaA                    



ONYX       STONES    
White OnyxA       Red OnyxA                                Light TravertineA       Noce TravertineA